Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome to the Police State: Emily Good Arrest

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I will be coming back and adding to this later, but I just wanted to share an incident that recently came to my attention. A citizen in her home sees a traffic stop taking place. Concerned for the wellbeing of the black suspect being arrested by white officers in the wake of a news article about racial profiling by the police, she went out to her front lawn with a video camera.

Emily Good was filming the stop (in a public place, where there is no expectation of privacy) when one of the police officers became very agitated. He said he was not comfortable with her being there - on her front lawn, observing and filming an event taking place in a public area. She declined to leave, and he tried to insist that she couldn't be there. She was taken into custody and arrested for something along the lines of disorderly conduct or obstructing an arrest.

The Arrest -

An interview before she goes to trial -

This incident is further aggravated by something that followed a little later. A neighborhood meeting was being held in support of Emily, and the police showed up to ticket people on obscure traffic laws. This seems strictly retaliatory to me.

Police selectively enforcing obscure traffic/parking laws outside a meeting in support of Emily Good.

The police cannot be permitted to intimidate their way into unlawful power.. We should be very concerned about a world we live in where the police can film you, but you can't film them. Where you can be arrested for observing police activity in public places. Where police can enforce obscure laws in an attempt to interfere with peaceful meetings and protest. The police should be here to serve the people, first and foremost.

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